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InternetWide represents our vision, architecture and ideas, as well as our project funds. When we talk to parties that may donate funds to this project, we generally refer to it as the "InternetWide project" or "InternetWide Fund". When such parties deposit money, irrespective of whether it is a gift or in return for project work, it lands in a separate bookkeeping account earmarked for InternetWide purposes, intended to cover project expenses, specifically development. There are no parties who receive parts of any profit on individual projects or undertakings of InternetWide.

ARPA2 is a collection of open source projects that exist to fulfil the ideals behind InternetWide, and that generally build up towards its architecture. Developers will generally interface with this view on our work, but will be paid from the InternetWide Fund.

A list of projects is available on When you see references to, it usually reflects infrastructure for

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