How are we breaking through the technology impasse?

We take the very concrete approach of creating a hosting platform and offering it to hosting companies and/or domain owners. We ask these parties to fund our development with a small donation, which easily pays for the services that we then introduce because it is rolled out on a large scale. We are a foundation because our motivation is not to collect funds but rather to be a representative of the interests of hosted domain names.

Throughout 2013, we have been working on an architecture that integrates our ideals. What we generally find is that most parts of the solution are almost available in open source, if not for some minor details. We aim to get these details resolved. This is always possible with open source code, and will be offered to the originating code base -- both as a thank you and to avoid having to continually patch the source code, and risk breaking our changes when the software is ever redesigned.

In addition, we create an environment where users can add services to their domain, control who can use them and what their rights are; this centers on local users as well as on connections to remote domains who may or may not be welcomed. We ask our users to donate a small fee towards improvements and future developments of internet facilities, that they can use in turn for this donation. The more money enters the system, the more we can achieve. It is however needed to get started, to have an initial offering to make. After having bootstrapped with initial funding, we intend to establish a continuous flow of money from users to developers that are working to move internet technology forward as the standards-compliant, distributed-controlled mechanism that makes it so powerful and dependable.

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